Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

holiday gift ideas!

Looking for stocking stuffers? You can support a lovely, reliable indie bookshop AND this writer-illustrator at the same time!

I'm so grateful to Page 45 in Nottingham; they ship worldwide and give me links to each of my books and a link to all of them together, so I don't need to post links to the obvious online retailer if I want people everywhere to be able to access it. And Stephen Holland is constantly on the shop floor, hand-selling my books and making amazing displays. If you're ever in Nottingham, go on one of his 'book tours'; he can take you on the most thrilling ride through his stock and he knows SO MUCH about each book! Show an indie some love, here's the link.

And you can make and print out free activities to go along with each book:
Tags: bookshop

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