Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

pictures mean business: 3McIntyre send cards!

Lovely Glebe Primary School in Brighton have been incredibly supportive of our Pictures Mean Business campaign; so much so, that they named all of their classes after children's book illustrators! And I was thrilled to get photos today of cards they'd made me! Do go look on their librarian's Twitter feed - @Glebelove2read - other classes have made cards for Dave Litchfield, Liz Pichon, Cressida Cowell, Aaron Blecha, Steven Lenton, Laura Hughes, Polly Dunbar, Mini Grey and Guy Parker-Rees!

My co-author Philip Reeve has just blogged about the Pictures Mean Business - you can read that here. Glebe Primary have gone out of their way to focus on illustration, which is so heartening!

Thank you so much, 3McIntyre!!! Have a lovely Christmas!

Tags: christmas, pictures_mean_business, schools

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