Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

head of the river race

This morning Stuart and I went up to Chiswick Bridge to see the Eights Head, partly to cheer for boat No. 347 and partly just to have a good stroll along the Thames. Here are some photos I took along the walk to Putney Bridge, where the race finished.

This team was so lovely and pink.

These guys looked like Cornish pirates.

Hammersmith Bridge

I just liked this guy's socks.

One of the teams, looking pleased and eager.

And here's the club I'm hoping to race with when they help me get a little better. They didn't do so well because one of their boat's gates were broken. (That's the little connecty bit that holds the oar in place at the end of the rigger.) But at least they managed not to row in circles, which I guess is the main thing.
Tags: london, rowing

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