Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

spring preview... grumpycorn!

Thanks to Lakes District bookshop Sam Reed and their 2019 preview article, the secret about my spring picture book is now officially OUT! Introducing... GRUMPYCORN. A horrible grump or a loveable diva? You decide, from May 2nd! I owe the look of the title and front cover entirely to designer Strawberrie Donnelly, editor Pauliina Malinen and the Scholastic sales team:

And here's a little peek at our explosive unicorn inside:

The picture book market is SUCH a difficult one to crack, and it's so easy for picture books to sink to the ocean floor, never to be seen again! Fingers crossed for this one, I really pushed myself on the painting technique and I hope people will want to get copies for themselves.

Tags: grumpycorn

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