Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

valetine to libraries

Here's my Valentine to libraries and library staff! It's hard times for libraries in the UK right now, and we're grateful for what you do.

As librarian Matt Imrie just tweeted, Public Libraries are FREE at point of service because you've already paid for them through taxes. When Public Libraries are shut down/handed to volunteers... you ARE STILL PAYING FOR THEM - you just don't get the service you paid for!

Use your library - every book checked out helps the library demonstrate that it's in use, and authors get a little Public Lending Right payment! (In fact, we often get a few more pennies from a library loan than we do from a book sale at an ultra-discount bookshop!) So never feel bad about checking out a book from the library instead of buying it; writers and illustrators love and need libraries.

You can download this poster here, in A4, A3 and US Letter size, along with lots of other library posters in various formats!
Tags: libraries, mithila

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