Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

schools engaging with oliver and the seawigs!

Some Seawigs-themed treasures have been popping up on the Internet! Check out these cheeky rascals from St Peter's Droitwich CofE Academy in Worcestershire:

Oh, and my studio had some visitors today! A big wave to Scott Bakal and his illustration and graphic design students from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. I didn't think 18 people would fit into the place, but they did, and we had a good time talking shop.

More Seawigs joy, this time from Sunnybank Primary in Bury:

Here's the reference in the book, where Oliver's explorer mother and father are taking photos of the Night of the Seawigs:

Drawing these 'photos' or memories is a great idea! Here's a selection of their pictures:

And some writing pieces about Iris the mermaid which made me smile:

Finally, here's a lovely display at Clifton-upon-Dunsmore Primary School in Warwickshire! (Thanks, CLPE, for the heads up!)

(You can find out more about Oliver & the Seawigs and download activity sheets here on my website.)
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