Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

chagword lit fest 2019

Last Saturday Philip Reeve and I took part in one of the friendliest, most well-run festivals we've been to: Chagword Lit Fest in Chagford, not far from where the Reeve family live on Dartmoor. I started off with a Dinosaur Firefighters event, where we all drew Dipsy the firefighting Diplodocus!

Some of the children drew me, too!

They made me smile and I redrew one of them in my sketchbook.

I've created stories about Dinosaur Police and Dinosaur Firefighters but we brainstormed a few other story ideas.

Eventually we settled on Lottie the Pizza Chef T-Rex and the audience came up with a great outline for a story featuring her.

A few more all-ages Diplodocus drawings:

Sadly I didn't get any photos of The Legend of Kevin event with Philip, but he tweeted quite a few during my event.

We had fun sharing the story with this group, especially because so much of it was inspired by Dartmoor, and we could hear murmurs of recognition when we showed drawings of Watern Tor and moorland ponies.

Huge thanks to organiser Melissa Brooks, Pru who introduced us, James on tech and everyone who made the morning run so well!

And to Cathie and Lucy from Credition Community Bookshop, who supplied all the books and hosted the signing session. Thank you!

Tags: dinosaur_firefighters, festivals

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