Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

dinosaurs and pugs at st olave's prep school

Last Thursday we drew DINOSAURS! I spent the day at St Olave's Prep School in New Eltham and, as always, I was impressed with how well even young kids can draw, and inspired by all the interesting variations they manage to put into their drawings.

Even though we all drew Dipsy the Diplodocus together, step by step, I loved the ideas the kids came up with, adding extra strips and patterns, and giving their Diplodocuses different expressions just by having the lines in slightly different places.

Here are more drawings inspired by Dinosaur Firefighters. (Click here if you want to download drawing tutorials!)

With the upper primary, we focused on Pugs of the Frozen North, and they did some terrific pub drawings, even though I didn't manage to snap so many photos of those.

Here's a photo of them tweeted by the school!

With the very youngest ones, in Nursery and Reception, they helped me think up ideas for creating the character of Lottie the Cowboy T-Rex, and together we invented a pretty compelling story, full of funny perils!

I didn't get to draw with the youngest children, but when I went out onto the playground, I could see they'd been busily drawing Diplodocuses on the ground in chalk.

The signing queue was so orderly that I was able to spend a bit of time with almost every child - I really liked the drawing this one had made!

Huge thanks to Head of English Emma Kiely for looking after me so well all day, and to all the staff and children for being so supportive and welcoming!

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