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wallace primary school presents 'pugs of the frozen north'!

This week Reeve & McIntyre made a very special visit!

Glasgow dignitaries wore not just one, but two hats to celebrate.

We took the train just outside Glasgow, into Renfrewshire, to Wallace Primary School, where last school year, their Year 3 (now Year 4), taught by Lynn Stuart and Heather Sanderson, had won a national award for their remarkable work on our book, Pugs of the Frozen North. The UK Literary Association (UKLA) presented the 'Our Class Loves This Book' award last July in Cardiff and showed a video of all the different ways the class had engaged with the book. When we arrived, it was fabulous getting to see it on display!

Check out these alternative story versions!

Wallace Primary had gone PUG CRAZY.

Here's a map of various landmarks in the story:

I love this drawing of my favourite character, Helga Hammerfest, with her two pet polar bears, Snowdrop and Slushpuppy.

The dastardly Sir Basil Sprout-Dumpling!

And high-tech Shackleton Jones:

Some alternative character drawings:

And a pug comic, taken from our activity book, Pug-a-Doodle-Do! (You can download this comic template here on my website.)

An excellent Kraken drawing:

A packing checklist, including mattresses, plug sockets and 100,000,020,000 greyhounds. (I'm dying to see a story written that explains these items.)

Pugémon Go cards (from Pug-a-Doodle-Do!):

Pastel drawings and descriptions of the Northern Lights:

And hooray for pugs!

Huge thanks to this team for hosting us, and all teachers Lynn Stuart and Heather Sanderson's incredible work with our book, it was very moving to see how deeply they'd all dug into it. Here are Lynn and Heather with Head Susan Dalrymple and a poster that Philip and I drew for them before we left.

We got looked after very well - oo, posh biscuits!

And thanks so much to this UKLA team for coming out with us: Lynda Graham, who coordinated our visit, Christine Lockwood and Jess Anderson (all looking appropriately regal):

Thanks, too, to Wallace Primary for giving a copy of our more recent book, The Legend of Kevin, to each child in the class to take home.

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