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reeve & mcintyre at leith walk primary

Since Philip Reeve and I were in Scotland last week visiting Wallace Primary School with UKLA, we added on an extra visit through to Edinburgh, to Leith Walk Primary School. Philip had visited it last year, and enjoyed the visit so much that he was keen for both of us to go back. And I could see why! The school was bubbling over with enthusiasm and a wonderful array of vivid personalities. They had read our book Pugs of the Frozen North, and were definitely up for the Reeve & McIntyre SNOWBALL CHALLENGE. (Isn't it cute? Philip made a new-and-improved little podium for this trip because our old one wore out.)

The very first thing we saw was this door the children had decorated, with a wonderful variety of pugs!

Special mention for the Box Pug, and the Millipug:

After Philip and I had done our Reeve & McIntyre pugs assembly, I stuck around to hear Philip talk about his Mortal Engines quartet and newer Railhead trilogy to the older students.

Then I went and did a Grumpycorn assembly with the first-year children. I read my new picture book to them, talked a little bit about how I made it, then walked them through making their own book cover. They choose their favourite food, and themed their unicorn around that, and we talked about the challenges a unicorn might face trying to get that food. (Pizza was a popular choice.) Despite being very young, they did a great job drawing unicorns! (Here's a free step-by-step tutorial if anyone wants to use one.)

One of the exciting things about our visit was that it coincided with the official launch of their new school library! The school had been through some challenges and almost lost their library (it was put in a communal area), but the parents and teachers had decided a designated library room was VERY IMPORTANT and they reopened it in a lovely new space. ...I was particularly moved by this display:

Lots of lovely hats for me! :D

There were also great drawings inspired by our latest Reeve & McIntyre book, The Legend of Kevin:

And then we had an opening ceremony party! Rob Hainsworth painted a lovely picture of the school for the new library.

Cake was had by all!

Huge thanks to teacher Susan MacDonald (in the black and white dress, next to PTA Chair Claire Ritchie), who hosted our visit and got everyone so excited about it! Susan's an absolute gem, we're very lucky to know her.

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