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presenting the FCBG children's book awards

Today I got to host the 39th Children's Book Award ceremony for the Federation of Children's Book Groups, at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London. And since I was hosting, the coordinators set a hat theme - how cool is that! Here's a young comics creator who sat at my table, wearing a very fine hat:

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Here you can see all the shortlisted writers and illustrators on stage, from left to right: a reader standing in for Matt Stanton (who was in Australia, author of Funny Kid Stand Up), writer Catherine Doyle with The Storm Keeper's Island, writer-illustrator Alex T Smith with Mr Penguin: The Fortress of Secrets, writer-illustrator Duncan Beedie with The Last Chip, writer-illustrator Arree Chung with Mixed, writer Tom Palmer with Armistice Runner, writer Lisa Thompson with The Light Jar, illustrator Steve Brown and writer John Condon with The Wondrous Dinosaurium, writer John Kelly with What Do You Do if your House is a Zoo? (illustrated by Steph Laberism), and illustrator PJ Lynch with The Dog Who Lost his Bark (written by Eoin Colfer).

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Children from the different book groups who travelled to the ceremony from around the country presented porfolios they'd made; so every shortlisted writer and illustrator got a beautifully-bound collection of the children's writing and drawing in response to their work. (Here you can see John Kelly and Alex T Smith with their portfolios.) The books were voted on by children, over 100,000 of them, and... drum roll... here are the winners!

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Winning the Books for Younger Children... and The Overall Award: Arree Chung! Arree had come all the way from San Francisco with his publisher, Macmillan, and said this was the first big book award he'd won, which was very exciting. Congratulations, Arree!

The award for Books for Younger Readers went to PJ Lynch and Eoin Colfer, for The Dog Who Lost his Bark, published by Walker Books:

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In the Books for Older Readers category, Tom Palmer took the prize, Armistice Runner published by Barrington Stoke:

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Congratulations to all the shortlisted writers and illustrators, sponsor Book Life, and a big thanks to the FCBG team, including Sarah Stuffins, Chris Routh, Kate Poels, Jane Etheridge, Marc Thomas, Annie Everall, David Blanche and so many more contributors! A few more hat photos:

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