Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

happy traction wedding

Congratulations on the big day for Jeremy Levett and Francesca Wilks!

Jeremy Levett liked my Mithila art version of a Mortal Engines traction city, and since I was going to his wedding reception right near St Paul's cathedral (which features on the top deck of the London traction city), it seemed only right to draw in the two of them.

If you haven't yet seen The Illustrated World of Mortal Engines that Jeremy and Philip Reeve co-wrote, do check it out. (It's designed by Jamie Gregory and illustrated by a variety of top illustrators: Ian McQue, David Wyatt, Amir Zand, Rob Turpin, Aedel Fahkrie and Philip Varbanov, with maps designed by Lowtuff and illustrated by Maxime Plasse.)

Hurrah, you two! Thanks for inviting Stuart and me to come along!

Philip Reeve has posted some Instagram pictures of the local environs:

Tags: mithila, mortal_engines

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