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The Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival has 'Plein Air' arts programme where they invite artists to talk about our work, lead workshops and go out with other artists sketching from the local landscape. This year I shared the Headline Artist slot with Anchorage-based artist Jen Jolliff. Here's a drawing I made of her during her talk:

As part of her workshop for grownups, she created a tile version of a larger picture and had everyone draw from a little square. This was great, lots of people who would never normally draw were happy to tackle copying a very simple abstract tile in pencil. Jen said we could add fun extra elements if we wanted, as long as we stayed within the tonal parameters of the original tile.

Everyone loved seeing them come together as a coherent picture:

Jen does a lot of public art and work with schools, and it was fascinating to hear her talk about tackling some pretty large projects (including the backdrop for a concert hall), as well as making wood pieces like this one.

Here are the local artists who showed up to the harbor Pavilion for morning coffee and introductions.


Julie Dale's sketchbook experiments, inspired by the front endpapers of my Grumpycorn picture book.

And here are some of the unicorn drawings from my workshop! Versions by Laurel Hilts (Public Relations/Marketing Director at Seldovia Village Tribe) and by my Aunt Joy:

And some more all-ages unicorns:

Huge thanks to Seldovia Arts Council's Vivian Rojas and Tania Spurkland for inviting me out to the festival! And thank you for the lovely otter artwork you gave me and Jen, created by local superstar Valisa Higman!


Miss you already, Seldovia people! xoxo

Click here to see some of the artwork I created in Seldovia; click here for a photo tour of Valisa Higman's art studio (which inspired my Grumpycorn picture book!) and click here for free Grumpycorn-themed activities.
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