Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

birthday mermaids!

Thank you, Twitter friends, for all your amazing birthday drawings!!! They're wonderful!

By @stevemaythe1st

By @SandRussellArt

By @CFComix

By Molly, via @lesleyclarke84

By T, via @ReadingFather (see his interactive review of Dinosaur Police here!)

By @WoodenDonkey

By Pip, 'Steven the Seagull Hat', via @HoltHarlequin56

By @FavouriteCrayon

By Lily, @vee_jay's niece

By @BecBillustrator

By @Moewenflausch

By @cartoonsidrew

By @sarahlovellart

By Ivan, via @WoodenDonkey

By Zoe, via @WoodenDonkey

By @iawima

By @WednsdiMade

By @ChrisSignore1

By @AndreaJStewart

By @karinfloh

By @Cecilmgo

By Harriet, via @near_myths

From the USA, via @5BooksaDay

By @DizziePascal

By @notsotweets

By @FiDaisyG

By @Readitdaddy

By @sherdym

By @Louisstowell

By @OliviaMHope

By @LosDs2

By @abihennig

By @BarnyardSushi

By @EmilyJaneArt

By George, via @HamertonSally

By @hhulbert

By @Simonpaulprice

By @Simonpaulprice's wife!

Thanks again, everyone, I really appreciate it! And thanks to everyone who's taken part in @StudioTeaBreak drawing challenges over the years!

Edit: Oo, here's another, don't want to miss it out!

via @SusannahOBrien

By @RosAsquith

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