Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

roly-poly publication day!

Today's our official Roly-Poly Publication Day! You can find the second book in our series, Kevin's Great Escape, at all good UK bookshops, and the paperback version of the first book, The Legend of Kevin, also comes out today!

Here are some glimpses of other people's crafted Kevins, including this one on my studio shelf, by Andrea Stewart:

Another crocheted Kevin in his nest, by Alice Brewer:

And of course, the big plushie Kevin who's been travelling with us, created by Chloe Applin! (Photo tweeted today by @Gardners)

Next Saturday is a big London Reeve & McIntyre day - come join us if you're anywhere nearby! We'll be doing a big family event at 10am at Daunt Books Marylebone; it's free, but you need to book tickets here.

And we'll be doing a slightly smaller signing session at Muswell Hill Children's Bookshop at 2:30, but hopefully that will involve some drawing, too! (Details on their website.)

Tags: roly_poly_flying_pony

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