Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

kevin's great escape, the london launch!

Yesterday was our big London launch day for the second book in our Reeve & McIntyre Roly-Poly Flying Pony series, Kevin's Great Escape! And here we are, presenting a copy to one of the two superstars to whom we dedicated it:

Big thanks to everyone who came along, we had fun!

And it was great to get messages like this:

'Were there biscuits?' you ask...

YES, there were biscuits!

We tested out drawing Cardigan Faun, one of the mythical creatures in the book, and everyone's turned out remarkably well!

Huge thanks to Samantha Meeson, Jack and everyone on the Daunt team who hosted us! Here's the Daunt website, and you can follow this gorgeous, well-stocked shop on Twitter at @Dauntbooks and Instagram, @dauntbooks.

Next stop was Muswell Hill Children's Bookshop for a bustling signing, hosted by Sanchita Basu de Sarkar (third from the left) and this excellent team (photo by bookseller Andrea Stewart):

Last year Andrea knitted us a gorgeous Kevin, and she's done it again, this time working out a pattern! Fingers crossed, she says she'll let me post it on our website activities pages, so stay tuned... You can follow the Children's Bookshop on Twitter @childrensbkshop and Facebook here. And find lots of fun, free drawing activities based on Kevin's Great Escape here on the book's webpage. We've left some signed copies of our books at both bookshops if you weren't able to come along to the events!

Thanks so much to both bookshop teams, to everyone who made the effort to show up for bookish shenanigans, and to publicist Liz Scott and OUP's Hannah Penny, who made it all come together so wonderfully!
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