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reeve & mcintyre at dubray storyfest dublin 2019

We've done lots of Reeve & McIntyre events around Dublin, but we'd never visited the lovely Airfield Estate, where Dubray Books hosted it's wonderful Storyfest! (Here we are, inspecting the Greenhouse.)

We brought Kevin, our Roly-Poly Flying Pony, with us, and the first person he met in Dun Laoghaire after his flight was DJ and radio presenter Niamh McManus from RTE.

Right after that, we met up with author and Storyfest coordinator Sarah Webb, who's one of the people we know best from our visit to various Mountains to Sea festivals. Here she is, the following day, holding a picture from our big festival Draw-Off event that Philip, Oisín McGann and I drew all at the same time on stage in THREE MINUTES FLAT, on the child-chosen theme of 'Unicorn train and sweetie factory'.

Here you can see Philip Reeve and Chris Judge competiting like mad to draw 'granny catching a calf', also in three minutes, coached on by author and resident comedian Alan Nolan.

Some good drawings, in fact! Here's one that Margaret Anne Suggs created with her team: Niamh Sharkey and Chris Judge, and another on the theme of 'Tiger in a tutu' by Oisín McGann.

Besides our Roly-Poly Flying Pony session, I got to lead a Grumpycorn event; here you can see some unicorn book covers for Toastycorn and Icecreamcorn. (Click on my website to find out how to draw more of the book's characters.)

One of the best things about festivals is getting to meet the other authors the festival invites! Here's drawing legend Don Conroy, whom many, many of the grownups knew from teaching them on telly how to draw. He's kind of the Bob Ross of Irish telly, and people were very excited to meet their hero.

He even drew me an owl! (Thanks, Don!)

Alex T. Smith is a big hero of mine and he was being raced around Dublin by his publicist to do various events, so I only got to see him very briefly, but I managed to snatch a fangirl selfie.

Here's writer-illustrator-comedian Aoife Dooley doing a book signing in the well-stocked on-site Dubray bookshop.

That day was the first time illustrator Linda Fährlin had seen her new book with scientist Luke O'Neill, pictured here on the right, with her publicist from Dublin-based Gill Books.

Here's Norah Patten, in training to be Ireland's first astronaut! She has a new book out with illustrator Jennifer Farley.

And, of course, Irish favourite author Judi Curtin signing her new book, along with Oisín McGann.

After the festival, the whole team gathered at the Airfield Estate's main house for dinner; here's Oisín with me, graphic designer Aga Grandowicz and illustrator Tarsila Krüse (who recently gave me a cameo appearance in her Dublin book)!

...Can you spot me?

Here I am! Strolling along by the Liffy in my green hat.

Huge thanks to Sarah Webb, our publicist Liz Scott, Maria Dickenson, the amazing team from Dubray Books, all the terrific volunteers, and to all the friendly Dubliners who came along to say hello! It was great to meet you!
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