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hello, team scholastic uk!

Big relief, I've just finished the artwork for my next as-yet-unannounced picture book for Scholastic UK, the publishers who last spring published Grumpycorn:

One of my favourite things about going into the office is seeing where everyone works, and meeting some of the people who make the books happen! Scholastic is shaped like a big round loop, so it's possible to run the full circle and see everyone (which I do whenever I get a chance). Here, come along with me for a peek inside. Here's my new editor Fiz Osbourne, who's been working with me on the latest book. She regularly does #AskAChildrensBookEditor question-and-answer sessions on Twitter. I first met her at the Bath Children's Lit Fest way back in 2010, which was her first-ever time accompanying an author on an event trip. It was reassuring because we were both newbies!

Here's fab publicist Louisa Danquah, who set up the Waterstones Covent Garden book party and has been helping me stay organised with events.

I wouldn't have known this unless I'd run the loop, but HERE is the reason why Grumpycorn has such gorgeous sparkly gold foil on the cover! I got to meet Leanne Burke, Production Controller at Scholastic, who gets to make these decisions. People do very much judge books by their covers! (Great to meet you, and thanks for the lovely bling, Leanne!)

And right at the end of the loop, as Fiz was taking me around, we spotted our publisher, Catherine Bell. Catherine had a lot of potentially Top Secret Items on her desktop, so we took a photo in the meeting room next door.

Thanks for making books with me, Team Scholastic! An important one you won't have seen is the book's new designer Ness Wood, but that's because she's working freelance away from the office, just like me! We communicate a lot by e-mail and sometimes Skype.

One last photo of me transporting original Grumpycorn artwork back from the office. I'm always so, so nervous that I'll leave it on the train, like that man with the £250K violin. (I was reading this article as I clutched my big parcel.) I suppose it's much more fraught when I take the work in - at least on the trip back it's already scanned and book-ready, but still... phew. This time I scanned the work myself, so I didn't bring in artwork... fingers crossed the proofs will look good when they comes back from the printers.

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