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dartmoor christmas 2019

Happy New Year! I thought I'd post some snapshots from our week-long visit to the Reeve family on Dartmoor over the holidays. Once again, they kindly adopted Stuart and me for Christmas and we had a brilliant time.

These are all out of order but I'll post some highlights. Last time we went to Chagford, we had lunch with artist Alan Lee and visited his studio. This time we got to see where David Wyatt creates his artwork. I love this photo Sarah Reeve took, with Philip Reeve, Alan, Stuart and me gathered around David's big drawing desk.

Here are some recent books David's illustrated: Nine Worlds in Nine Nights, Uki and the Outcasts (the first in a new book series set in the Five Realms of Podkin One-Ear), and one of the Terry Pratchett jigsaw puzzles David does the artwork for.

And here they are again, three fine chappies at the local pub!

It wouldn't be Christmas without also seeing the Daleks, actors Nick Pegg and Barnaby Edwards.

And Barnaby bakes amazing cakes, too!

Here's a pic I did of Sam Reeve (well, mostly his hair). Second photo by Sarah Reeve:

And some Dartmoor landscapes! We can never tell what the weather will be like before we set off; even if it's lashing rain, it's still worth going out because the weather may change entirely within minutes. On our hikes this year, we had blazing sun, pouring rain, and a wonderfully magical mist.

Sarah Reeve spotted this excellent moss lying about on the ground; here you can see me going Dartmoor native.

The trees on Dartmoor are hugely varied and utter magic.

You'd expect King Arthur or some other legendary hero to step out of this wood.

Here's Sarah with her camera. You can follow the amazing Dartmoor photos she takes, on Instagram at @moorland.

More misty moss:

Hey look, I found a tree shaped just like me!

The rocks on this river are so huge that they make people in them look like little elves.

Stu looking lovely:

Atmospheric ruins at Leather Tor Farm:

This rock at Hound Tor looks like a goblin's face:

More misty mist:

Here's Stuart and Philip's brother-in-law Howard Partridge by a very bright logging site.

Howard with Philip's sister, Marianne Reeve, and family friend Jane Slaughter, who's lead singer in one of Sarah's music bands.

Stuart in the fog:

I'm so lucky to work with this terrific co-author! Now it's the 2020 I need to be back at my desk working on the illustrations for the third Roly-Poly Flying Pony book. (Have you read The Legend of Kevin and Kevin's Great Escape yet?)


And one last photo by Sarah Reeve. Thank you so much, Sarah, Philip and Sam for letting us be part of your family this Christmas! You guys are the best. x

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