Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

#DrawingWithSarah: Episode 2 trailer!

With events cancelled, I've had a little bit of time to try to teach myself some simple animation skills. There have been some great how-to-draw videos by artists who started out as trained animators (Rob Biddulph! Jim Field! Lydia Monks! Fred Blunt!) and while their animation skills are WAY beyond mine (they are truly awesome people), it's encouraging me to up my game! And since I know so little (and don't seem to have any stored royalty-free music on my computer), I thought I'd go the opposite way from them and make it very low-tech (like this wooden xylophone I bought for a fiver from Flying Tiger last year).

...But maybe it's good, a lot of people will be learning things from scratch while they're stuck at home, and sometimes things with rough edges are more inspiring when people think, Hey, I could do that! I've already seen one kid named Rudra release his own How-to-Draw video, which is fabulous. And 11-year-old Alec Anderson (@CFComix on Twitter) has been drawing up a story over on the @StudioTeaBreak drawing challenge page.

It's tempting to release the videos as soon as I finish making them, to see what people think, but I should probably pace myself, because we might be social distancing or quarantined for quite a long time. I can't do Reeve & McIntyre events right now, but the next animation might just have a special guest... Oh, and Grumpycorn makes an appearance, voiced by my husband Stuart (who's working at the next desk since he got sent home from the office).

As ever, there are lots of free, downloadable activities over on my website!

A few fab pictures from the #DrawingWithSarah hashtag:

Tags: #drawingwithsarah, grumpycorn, how_to_draw, roly_poly_flying_pony, video

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