Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Don't Call Me Grumpycorn: YOU are invited to the launch!

The launch party for Don't Call Me Grumpycorn is just around the corner, and YOU are invited!

Don't let the lockdown stop you, hop onto our virtual space shuttle and come orbit with us on the Unicorn Space Station! For the Americas, it might start a bit early for your party mood - 1pm British Summer Time is 9am in Seattle - but you're very welcome to make the journey in your pyjamas. The most interactive party will be happening on Twitter (look for #Grumpycorn, @jabberworks, @scholasticuk, @pagefortyfive) but videos will be regularly dropping through the day on my YouTube channel: Here's a schedule of events!

You don't need to buy a book to come along to the party, it's just good to get out. And if you're up for drawing with me, even better! If you do want to get a hardcover or paperback version of Don't Call Me Grumpycorn, the party's being co-hosted by fantastic bookshop Page 45, who ship worldwide and could use your custom in troubled times! The first 100 orders will get a limited bookplate edition, and if you want to get in there before the launch, you can visit their online shop. Hope to see you soon!

Tags: #grumpycorn, book launch, grumpycorn

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