Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
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Don't Call Me Grumpycorn launch party!

Yesterday we had a virtal launch party up in orbit, on the Unicorn Space Station, for my picture book Don't Call Me Grumpycorn! Here are three of us from my urban family unit, looking after the station control room.

The party's over, but the FABULOUS PLANET COMPETITION runs all week! The winner gets a picture of either them or someone in their family with Unicorn in space! Draw the perfect planet for Unicorn, a planet that's custom-made for you (with all your favourite things), or a dream planet for any of the characters in the story - Mermaid, Narwhal, Jellyfish, even little Goldfish! (This video is the only time Goldfish has ever had a speaking role):

Here are a few glimpses of yesterday's launch party up on the Unicorn Space Station. There was a Narwhal Bar!

Narwhal makes a great bartender, he is really very skilled at mixing drinks. Here was the menu people could choose from:

Everyone who ordered at the bar got a drink and a piece of the special galactic gateau.

The party was co-hosted by my publisher, Scholastic UK, and independent bookseller Stephen Holland at Page 45. Here's a blog interview Scholastic published yesterday. (Why did you make Unicorn so TERRIBLE at playing with others? and further questions... read that here!)

And then the speeches! A big thanks went to my agent, Jodie Hodges at United Agents, who's absolutely brilliant. Thanks again, Jodie! Here she is, in her lockdown bubble:

And many glasses were raised by Stephen and the Scholastic crew, and even a reader and librarian! Big thanks to all of you!

Page 45 are absolutely brilliant - Stephen Holland knows his books inside-out - and he's very much taken part in the launch! Here he is, in his space herbarium...

You can read Stephen's review of Don't Call Me Grumpycorn (which has a lot of previews of the artwork), and the first 100 people to buy from Page 45 (hardcover or paperback) get a special bookplate edition! Here's their shop - they ship planet-wide!

And finally, a huge thanks to people who took part in the activities! Here's @writes_kate:

And @MakexBelieve:

And writer-illustrator Alex Milway, who creates the marvellous Hotel Flamingo illustrated chapter books - do check them out!

And finally, a lovely glimpse through this spaceship window from @spellegance, people busy at work! You can find these activities on my new webpage (designed by Dan Fone) at

And just in this monrning, from Rudra and @DadMoonstruck in New Zealand:

If you go back on my blog, on the Grumpycorn tag, you can see all my previous posts about the first book!
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