Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Don't Call Me Grumpycorn: meet Callie's Icecreamcorn!

This project isn't part of the Fabulous Planet Competition, but I wanted to honour the amazing work done by 8-year-old writer-illustrator Callie in making this Icecreamcorn book!

Callie watched this video and followed along with the story challenge:

But she threw in lots of her own ideas, compositions, colour decisions and story elements!

Check out this little alien (love the Flake bar hat!) that you can spot throughout the story:

If you look closely, you'll spot other familiar characters, including this Gregosaurus dinosaur from the #DrawWithRob films by Rob Biddulph. It's wonderful to see Callie pulling together different influences to create her own pictures and story!

This is my favourite scene. Often when children create stories, they either want to be kind to their characters by making everything go well for them (which is very boring), or they make the disasters utterly violent and kill off their characters (which is fine, but not all stories have to go like that). Here's a disaster that many of us can relate to (certainly I can!), making an utter mess in the kitchen. And I love that there are two pages, a clean beginning full of hope, and then a disaster scene. And the fact that Icecreamcorn is laughing at the absurdity makes me love it just that extra bit.

And this is a key scene - it means the book is FINISHED! The difference between a wanna-be author and an author is that a wanna-be author has ideas, and maybe even starts creating stories, but an author finishes them.

Well done to this fabulous author! And big thanks to Sam Scott for encouraging her and sharing her work!

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