Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Grumpycorn's Fabulous Planet Competition results!

And the final results are in... we had 19 absolutely fantastic artists submit their work. I was really impressed by their focus and use of colours, everyone did a brilliant job.

One entry stood out as the most original, with its creative details, and even some well-placed collage; it's a picture I can look at for quite some time and still find interesting things to pick out. And every area of the planet looks like it could inspire its own story... What would happen if I ventured into the Great Pine Woods and met the Snuff-trolls? Or crossed The Dunes, dodging the Sphinx, to enter The Sacred Pyramid of Queeor? And if I went to the Milkshake Lake, would those bendy-straw Loch Milkshake monsters be able to provide me with my favourite milkshake flavour (which happens to be lime)? And what time is it when Spaghetti Moon sets over the Ice-cream Ice-caps? What would happen if I got caught there after dark by warriors from the waffle-cone tribe?

First prize goes to Alec Anderson (@CFcomix on Twitter). Congratulations, Alec!

BUT... there was such a wide spread of ages and everyone did so well, that I'm going to change the prize a little bit. I'm going to draw a picture of Alec with Unicorn in space, but I'm also going to do the same for every single person who entered. (Family groups, if I could post yours together, that would save some postage!) I'll be in touch with you, and you'll need to:

* Choose who you would like in your picture with Unicorn (you or someone in your family) and e-mail me a photo of them (sarah at jabberworks dot co dot uk)
* Let me know a postal address to send your picture prize

I have four runners up I'd like to mention: Here's Caleb's, and I love the way he's set off his planet against a bold black background. It makes for a strong poster effect, and the details on the planet are a lot of fun - Grumpycorn island with its little bridge in the middle, a cosy Narwhal Sea Mound and a Mermaid Lake with a submarine just large enough to be visible.

Six-year-old Gabriela's planet is bold with bits sticking off it in wonderfully zany ways that makes it a lot of fun to look at. The colour-block shapes remind me a little bit of some of Vassily Kandinsky's early work. Love it!

Five-year-old Elliott's Jellyfish Planet looks like a wonderful bowl of sweets with its vivid shapes and colours. And the colourful bubble writing at the bottom is ace!

Finally, eight-year-old Leela has chosen strong colours and shapes for her planet, and the textured coloured pencil strokes give it some great energy.

Honestly, I wasn't planning to give prizes to everyone, but you did such a great job that you made this happen. Thank you for putting so much time and thought into your drawings!

See the full gallery of drawings in this earlier blog post. And find more Don't Call Me Grumpycorn activities over on my website!
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