Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Blackheath Halls Grumpycorn drawing competition!

I'm thrilled to be part of the Blackheath Halls Online Season with my amazing tenor neighbour Nicky Spence! And we have a drawing competition for you!

Nicky and I had so much fun putting together this animation. It's followed by a drawing tutorial where I show you how to draw Grumpycorn on stage, doing his big diva act. In the books, Unicorn's already tried his hoof at being an astronaut (successfully!) and a writer (less successfully), and the big lights of the opera stage are calling to him. But he needs a big stage set behind him - and that's yours to imagine and draw!

All ages welcome! We'll draw an entry out of one of my fanciest hats, and the winner will get a signed and doodled copy of my new picture book, Don't Call Me Grumpycorn. To enter, you can either tweet a photo of your picture, including the hashtag #Grumpycorn and tagging @BlackheathHalls (and me & Nicky, @jabberworks & @nickythespence, if you like). Or you can e-mail it to, including the name and age of the artist. Be sure to get in your entry before 9pm on Thurs, 3 Sept!

Special newsflash: copies of the HARDCOVER book just arrived ten minutes ago, so you'll get one of those, and no one has one of those yet! (We had printer problems with the printer in Italy due to Coronavirus, so only the paperback was printed and arrived in time for the spring launch. But now they're HERE, and they're SHINY!!)

And a little background to working with Nicky Spence: In 2011, I saw one of the best operas I'd ever seen, Two Boys at the Coliseum by the English National Opera. It was the most gripping storyline I'd ever seen in an opera, the music was utterly compelling, and the singers were brilliant - I raved about it in a blog post here. Then a couple years ago, someone moved in next to my studio, and he looked a little familiar. When we got talking, it turned out he'd been the star of Two Boys... and I almost had a fan-girl meltdown right there on the pavement!

Awhile back (pre-Lockdown) Nicky took me to see a performance of Noye's Fludde at Blackheath Halls, with its mixture of young and grownup professional opera singers, which was absolutely brilliant (and also rainbow-themed!).

I love catching snatches of music from Nicky and his concert pianist fiancé Dylan Perez (who did the voiceover for our Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit trailer). Best neighbours ever!

Still from a video of us singing at the end of the #DrawingWithSarah Roly-Poly Flying Pony video!

* You can follow Nicky Spence online on Twitter @nickythespence, Instagram @nickythespence and visit his website
* Follow Blackheath Halls on Twitter @BlackheathHalls, Instagram @blackheathhalls and visit their website
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