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School Library Association: New Poster to download!

Here's a new poster for your library! It's a free PDF to download and print, and if you could leave a comment saying which libary you're based at, so I can see where it's going out to, that would be amazing. Or tweet/Instagram a photo of it hanging up in your library (@jabberworks)!

Download A4 poster
Download A3 poster
Download US Letter

I retain the copyright, so please don't sell this image for commercial purposes or cut off my signature, and please do credit me as the artist if you share it - after all, Pictures Mean Business! Illustration credit matters. You can find lots more free activities and downloads on my website.

This poster has been a fundraiser for School Library Association - libraries with a librarian are such an essential part of a school! They're a wonderful resource for learning and starting children off on a life-long love of reading. And they're also a haven where children can go to escape the more difficult realities of a school day, with a sympathetic grownup who's trained to point them in the right direction when they're looking for a book, comic or magazine, or trying to search for something online.

This week I became a Patron of the School Library Association with Smriti Halls and Juno Dawson, and we've launched an SLA fundraiser, which you can read about here and on their website. Big thanks to Nikki Marsh, who bought the original art for the poster, and those funds have gone to the SLA via the donation page on their website. Please donate to the SLA if you're able to!

As before, these posters are also available for free download here!

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