Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Pictures Mean Business: Dapo Adeola talks illustration

It was great to hear illustrator Dapo Adeola talking illustration and illustration credit with Jacqueline Shepherd on BBC Radio London last night. Dapo and his co-author Nathan Bryon won the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize and Overall Prize last year with their picture book, Look Up, but Dapo's struggled with erasure when the book's publicised - not by Nathan (who's very supportive) but by the BBC and other media. He recently wrote an open letter to the BBC, which has had more than 800 signatures from illustrators, writers and people in the book industry. Here's Charlotte Eyre's article about it for The Bookseller, and she follows it up with another article (behind the paywall) in this week's issue.

I think the penny is starting to drop for people, what we mean when we say that lack of illustrator credit hinders diversity in publishing. I can say it, but it means more when a top-award-winning Black illustrator is right there, wondering why, with all this push for diversity, he has to campaign to get the recognition he needs to build his career. You can listen to him here in this 15-minute interview. Thanks for the Pictures Mean Business shoutout, Dapo!

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