Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Flying Visit to Crediton Community Bookshop

My Kevin co-author, Philip Reeve, lives out on Dartmoor, and one of his nearest bookshops, Crediton Community Bookshop, has been wonderfully supportive:

So when they posted a photo of their lovely shopfront on Twitter, I picked up the #DrawYourBookshop challenge to say thank you. Reeve & McIntyre have made a Flying Visit to Crediton with Kevin, who is suspiciously more interested in the snacks than the books (but let's forgive him as he's a pony).

Amazon is booming, but independent bookshops are really struggling right now, and we need to give them business if we want to see them survive the Covid crisis. Publisher SelfMadeHero set up this challenge to raise people's awareness of their local shops. Browse the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to see what people have drawn!

Crediton bookshop has a good website, so if you could buy one or more of our books (or any books) from them, that would be amazing. They have some signed Kevin bookplates, too! (Bookplate details here.) And here's a link to our books, and you can use it to have a general browse of what they sell.

As ever, you can find lots of book-related free activities and videos over on my website!
Tags: #drawyourbookshop, bookshop, christmas, reeve_and_mcintyre, roly_poly_flying_pony

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