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World Book Day Videos & Activities!

Are you a teacher or librarian looking for author World Book Day videos to share with your children? Reeve & McIntyre can help! Here's one with my co-author Philip Reeve and me, talking about our latest book, Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit.

In the video, we answer these five questions:

1. Who on earth are YOU??
2. Why a Roly-Poly Flying Pony?
3. What's the new story about?
4. How do you work together?
and most importantly
5. What's your favourite biscuit?

Right at the end of this video, I mention further activities, which you can find on my website right here! There's a whole Teacher Pack, giving tips for ways to use the activities in your classroom.

Here's an in-depth 30-min workshop, showing your class how to use minor characters Neville & Beyoncé (the two rascally guinea pigs) to inspire a new comic-strip adventure! It can work standalone, but works even better if you download this comic pack from my website!

Here's a shorter video (just over 10 minutes) with a reading from The Legend of Kevin, a brief animation on how Reeve & McIntyre make books, and a step-by-step tutorial, showing your class how to draw Kevin:

Are you looking for something for the younger children in your school, say, Reception to Year 2 or 3? Grumpycorn can help!

Here's a 12-minute video showing children a bit of my Don't Call Me Grumpycorn picture book and how to draw this space-bound unicorn. You can find lots more activites on my website, on the page for Grumpycorn, and on the page for Don't Call Me Grumpycorn!

Here's a longer, 30-minute workshop video, that takes you right through making your own unicorn book!

I know none of these can take the place of your children actually meeting the writers and illustrators of their books in person, but if they can add to the day or week's activities, we're glad they can be of help!

We'd love to see your drawings and costumes: I'm on Twitter (@jabberworks), Instagram (@jabberworks) and Philip's on Twitter (@philipreeve1) and Instagram (@thesolitarybee). We also have a Facebook page here. And my website has activities for all my books here.
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