Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Reeve & McIntyre Big Up Bookshops Tour!

Big thanks to journalist Ruth Comerford at The Bookseller for bigging up our upcoming virtual tour - where Philip Reeve and I big up bookshops! We're awfully glad that bookshops are reopening after the second lockdown but, gosh, booksellers have had a difficult time of it this year. For our fourth Kevin book this September, Kevin vs The Unicorns, we decided to dedicate it to these booksellers:

But much sooner than that, we wanted to do something, and thought, for fourteen weeks, we'd dedicate each week to a different bookshop and let people know about it, with Kevin making a virtual visit. We hope booksellers in the UK and Ireland will sign up - here's the link!

Big thanks to publicists Liz Scott and Hannah Penny at Oxford Children's Books for keeping us organised!
Tags: #reeveandmcintyrebigupbookshops

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