Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Rooks at The Bookery in Crediton

It's so good after a long lockdown to get out of London and see friends! And visit bookshops! My first port of call was The Bookery in Crediton, in Devon, where I've recently been helping them with rebranding from their former name of Crediton Community Bookshop. When my co-author Philip Reeve and I arrived, they had a big stack of books for us to sign. (So head to Crediton if you'd like some signed books!)

It felt like a proper party! We were met by writer-illustrator Claire Lewis (left), who'd done the digital work for printing up my drawings, my main point of contact, manager Dee Lalljee, and schools coordinator Cathy Holden. It's kind of incredible seeing my handwriting along the top of a shop!

Bags, too!

Sign painter Sarah Harvey used a transfer to keep the look of my lettering as she hand-painted it onto the shop front.

Photo tweeted by The Bookery

Dee asked if we'd start off a story in their new notebook, that other authors will be adding to in a sort of game of Consequences:

And there was lovely cake! With my rookery pictures on them!

Rook-themed bunting... It's a wonderful shop! I bought a copy of Suggie Bain for my own reading (recommended to me by my Glasgow Auntie).

These books were all on display when we walked in, and there are lots more there now - do stop by if you're in the area!

Thanks so much, Claire, Dee and Cathy!

And thanks to photographer Sarah Reeve for driving, it was a lovely day out!

You can follow The Bookery on Twitter (@thebookeryhq) and Instagram (thebookeryhq), or visit their lovely new website.

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