Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Esther Blessed's new website!

I often mention Esther Blessed on this blog and social media because she's the one who make the amazing dresses I wear to events, and more recently, the line of masks I've been wearing and modelling for her. Esther's team, Sandra Addai and Esther Boateng, and have just set her up a brand-new website, do have a look! I make some appearances, along with her friend Samantha (who runs an awesome cake-making company). It was a hot, windy day, and I'd raced there on the train and looked a bit dishevelled when I arrived, but lovely photographer Federico Michettoni still got some great shots - have a browse through the website to see more.

Here's Sam, she looks amazing:

And I was glad to see Esther modelling some of her clothing, too! That's not really my car, we just... uh, stood close to it. We didn't have a lot of time between outfits so I hope I didn't flash anyone too badly when I whipped between one and the next.

Esther's using the beautiful Ankara fabric I like so much (sometimes called Dutch wax); you can see a selection here. I have quite a large collection of bolts of fabric - for some reason it always comes in 6- or 12-yard pieces, which fold up nicely to fit like books on a shelf.

Esther still sells masks and accessories on her Etsy site, but this site has entirely new and different stock, and it's well worth checking out: (UK shipping only.) You can also follow her on Twitter - @EstherBlessedUK - and Instagram - estherblessed.


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