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Kevin vs the Unicorns launch day!

Today's the day! Our fourth Roly-Poly Flying Pony book - about Kevin, who adores biscuits (custard creams, most of all) - officially launches today! And it has unicorns in it! Presenting Kevin vs the Unicorns:

And they are all sorts of unicorns... take your pick!

Like all our books, we have lots of extra activities (and a classroom pack!) on my website here.

Let me give you a few more peeks into the book... About the 'double act': Philip Reeve and I are co-authors on the Kevin books. We think up the ideas together and Philip writes them (but calls me when he wants help) and I illustrate them (but he helps me with the pencil roughs). So it's very much a collaborative effort, the books are 'by' both of us!

Here's Kevin setting off on a foggy morning:

And a little peek at the end of the book at Philip and me, working away inside Kevin's nest! (You might spot rascal guinea pigs Neville and Beyoncé, too.)

It's not only Philip and I who work on these books, it's a team effort! Lots of people at Oxford University Press and the printers are involved, but I'll mention three: our designer Holly Fulbrook, left, who decides how the book will look and works out how the pictures will fit in with the words; editor Clare Whitston, centre, who works with us on the words, and publicist Liz Scott, who helps people find out about our book. (These photos are from pre-pandemic days when we could all meet up in person!) Big thanks to the Oxford team and to my agent, Jodie Hodges, and Philip's agent, Philippa Milnes-Smith!

And just as big of a thanks to readers: there wouldn't be any point of making books if you didn't buy them and/or check them out from the library! Huge thanks to everyone who has gotten excited about the Kevin books and bought them over the years.

And, of course, thanks to all the booksellers at bookshops who have experienced very uncertain times over the last few years and still worked hard to get our books into the hands of potential readers! If you've been following Philip on me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll have seen Kevin's big virtual tour of fourteen bookshops around the country on the #ReeveAndMcIntyreBigUpBookshops hashtag. Thanks to each of those fourteen bookshops for looking after Kevin for a week and keeping him well-stocked with virtual biscuits.

Happy Book Birthday, Kevin! Philip Reeve also has another book coming out today called Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep, which is ACE, and you can find out more about it on his blog.
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