Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

Eagle House Children's Lit Fest 2021

This week Philip Reeve and I turned up in Sandhurst for the Eagle House Children's Lit Fest...

And, oh my... was grand!

Even the trees were grand.

And we got to explore the grounds and find a little gnome cottage off beyond the pond.

I even got assigned my own bodyguard! Oh wait, that's Bodyguard author Chris Bradford.

Thrilled to see author Jacqueline Wilson!

I talked with children in the library from Years 1 & 2 about the Grumpycorn books and making their own stories:

Look at some of their alternative book covers!

Every child went away with their own picture book, which was ace.

Philip and I presented Kevin vs the Unicorns to Years 3 & 4 (photo tweeted by Eagle House).

Often Philip and I do events at the same time, so I don't get to see his, but this time I was very pleased to be able to go along to his Utterly Dark event

Big thanks to librarian Nicholette Deakin for arranging our visit and making it so much fun, and teacher Matthew Edwards for giving us lifts and helping look after us. And to everyone on the team who made this festival happen, it was a great day!

Tags: festivals, grumpycorn, reeve, reeve_and_mcintyre, schools

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