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A real-life visit to Max Minerva's in Bristol!

Do you remember how my co-author Philip Reeve and I were recently blogging about Kevin's big virtual bookshop tour? Our publisher, Oxford University Press, offered a prize that one of the virtually visited bookshops would get a real in-person visit from Philip Reeve and me, and the winning bookshop was Max Minerva's Marvellous Books in Bristol! Our ace publicist Liz Scott booked it to coincide with Bookshop Day, when the 'Books Are My Bag' campaign would be encouraging everyone to get out to their local bookshop.

Here's Philip in front of the real-life bookshop (not the painted one)... it's so nice being able to do things for real again!

For our first day, we visited three schools and did events featuring our new book, Kevin vs the Unicorns, starting with Redmaids' High Junior School:

Next we visited Elmlea Junior School. Here's Philip (in his swanky new jacket!) with Max Minerva bookshop owner Sam Taylor, who took us 'round and organised book sales.

Then, unusually for both of us, we visited a secondary school, the Bristol Free School, and talked about finding inspiration for writing and drawing:

And then it was Bookshop Day! Here's a tweet from Emma Bradshaw from the Books Are My Bag campaign, who stopped by:

And a lovely display - Kevin standees and bunting thanks to Emma Froud and her team at our publishing house!

Thanks to dad, Mike Banks, for taking these photos!


Here are a couple of drawings Philip and I did, based on suggestions from the audience:

And more childrens' drawings of themselves riding Kevin, the Roly-Poly Flying Pony:

If you didn't manage to get to Max Minerva's for Bookshop Day, Philip and I have left a few more signed copies of the Kevin books, and Philip's also signed several copies of his new Utterly Dark solo book. Huge thanks to Sam, Jess and Flossie at Max Minerva's, Liz Scott and Emma Froud at OUP for organising, and Philip for being generally fabulous!

I got up as early as I could on Thursday morning so I'd have some time to run around and see a bit of Bristol, which is gorgeous, so here are a few more photos. Two of the cathedral:

The harbour:

Clifton Suspension Bridge (designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel):

And one more of a church in Clifton with spectacular doors:

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