Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

i think the secret's out now

Okay, this cloak and dagger stuff is coming to an end very soon! If you've subscribed to the DFC website newsletter, you just got one of my comics plopped into your inbox. It's one I did in the very beginning days of the DFC, when I'd just gone to the Oxford office for the first time and seen the sizzling creative hub that is the David Fickling basement. (Actually, it was sloshing more than sizzling because was right during the big floods. I wore my red polka-dot wellies and parked my visiting sister in the shelter of the Eagle & Child pub down the street.) The name of my comic has changed, but you'll be seeing Vern again...!

And if you fancy a bit of comic writing, nedroidcomics posted a panel here with blank speech bubbles that people are filling in with their own scripts.
Tags: dfc

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