Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

world's most excellent cream puff!

It's official, you can't beat this cream puff. It's from the Carmelli Bakery in Golders Green. Stuart and I took it to Hampstead Heath and had a picnic on the lawn of Kenwood House. Which was a little silly, because we'd already stuffed ourselves earlier in the day at a friends' house, but we couldn't resist stopping by the bakery to sample.

(Before and after cream puff)

We'd been talking for ages about visiting Golders Green in north London to see its long established Jewish community, but we finally decided to go on the invitation of the writer Miriam Halahmy (whom I met over breakfasts at our hotel in Bologna this spring) and her husband, Rafy. They gave us a fabulous tour and a big brunch back at their house.

And it is totally insane, how many people are still adding to the Teenage Portrait Challenge! It's hit 150 entries and davario must have a full-time job just keeping up with it. Edit: It's almost 400 entries now!
Tags: cake, london, london sketches
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