Sarah McIntyre (jabberworks) wrote,
Sarah McIntyre

vern's busy strimming

I tried to interview Vern this morning about the DFC, but he asked to take a rain cheque because he's right in the middle of studying for an exam. (He also hates photos of himself with his mouth full.)
But I managed to get a few words from him:

Sarah: So why can't you give an interview today?

Vern: I'm so sorry, but I have my strimming exam on Friday and I'm so nervous about it, my hooves are sweating! I'm not sure my technique's absolutely right yet.

Sarah: What's strimming?

Vern: I think human people do it with a mechanical gadget, but I prefer the manual technique. It involves very carefully nibbling the borders around the flower beds in Pickle Rye park. Lettuce says I am too perfectionistic about it, and that I should take bigger bites. But I think it is very important to maintain tidy flower beds.

Sarah: Why are you taking an exam for it?

Vern: I am taking an evening class to become a certified strimmer, something that is very important to me. Wish me luck!

Sarah: We will do. Thank you, Vern.
Lettuce has e-mailed this link with a very thorough description of strimming, which Vern told her is the new rock 'n roll.
Tags: dfc

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