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Wow, I'm not sure DFC coverage gets much better than this! John Aggs' artwork looks fabulous on the Guardian's masthead. Nick Abadzis' strip appeared in the comics section and the article in the Weekend magazine gave us five full-colour pages!
(Here are some online photos from the launch party.)

My good friend Layn Marlow just interviewed me about it for Write Away! Which felt a bit strange, because with all her picture books coming out this year, she's by far the more established illustrator of the two of us.

I spent all yesterday glued to my drawing desk and computer table, and my rowing mates weren't able to come out this morning, so Stuart and I went for our favourite bicycle ride along the Thames path. We stopped half-way at a new cafe on Shad Thames and bought coffees and a gorgeous cupcake (which was yummy, but nothing compared to the world-class cream puff we had a couple weeks ago).

The cafe has a lovely window and I had to take another photo:

We also stopped to poke fun at the statues of Peter the Great and some bizarre little troll fellow next to him. I know Peter the Great of Russia is well known around here for coming to study shipbuilding, having wild parties and trashing Sayes Court, the little palace where he was lodging. But I have no idea who the troll is, probably some advisor. With very big, tempting nostrils.
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