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sheep swap 9

Lots of good stuff on the web: Have you seen the comic strips Kate Beaton is making, based on Edward Gorey book covers? Have a peek here and here and here!.
Comics reporter Matt Badham interviews Darryl Cunningham about his soon-to-be-launched book Psychiatric Tales.

Vern seems to be getting a raw deal in this Sheep Swap thingie. Naughty Derek! (Read earlier panels here.)

And amazing things coming from the animator guys upstairs! Here's an overview of what Martin Lye has been getting up to:

Martin Lye Showreel 2010 from Martin Lye on Vimeo.

sheep swap 8!

Or, The Return of Sheep Swap! For the last week or so, Gary Northfield and I have been waving at each other over a gigantic stack of work piled up between our desks, but now we're buckling down and getting back into the world of Derek and Vern. (Read earlier pages here.)

Have you seen the great review of our Birdsong anthology over at Forbidden Planet International? Thanks you, Richard Bruton, for discussing each contribution in such detail! You can buy Birdsong here and I'll be taking some copies up to Hi-Ex in Inverness, 27-28 March.

Some other diary dates:
May 28 & 29: Gary and I will be sharing a table at London's MCM Expo and supporting the DFC Library gang, who will be out in full force!

Saturday, April 24, St Albans: I'm leading a Hungry Aliens & Manky Monsters workshop at a new comics festival, UniComics, at the University of Hertfordshire. Keep an eye on this festival to see where it goes!

Thursday, 8 July, London: Get your booking in soon if you want to hear Giles Andreae and me talk about working together to make our book Morris the Mankiest Monster. **(Note that the date's changed from 1 July.)** These talks in the SCBWI Professional Series tend to fill up fairly quickly, so don't wait until a few weeks before.

If you're in Brussels anytime until Aug 29th, pop into the Belgian Comic Strip Centre to see the Moomin exhibition. We're hoping this exhibition will also come to London, fingers crossed!

sheep swap!

Gary and I were whinging across the studio how we've fallen behind on coming up with new stuff for our blogs. So we decided to herd Derek the Sheep and Vern into one ongoing comics jam. We'll move Derek to Vern's cosy block of flats, and thrust Vern out into the wild of Derek's field. (Vern was getting a bit chubby from Christmas, he could use some fresh air.) Here's the cover for our mini comic:

Good news! I just got a date for the publication of Vern and Lettuce in book form... September 30th!

I've finished almost everything and sent it off to Laurence Beck, who's putting together all the last bits of layout stuff in his studio on the other side of London. I even got a little peek at the cover-in-progress for Mo-Bot High, another DFC Library book coming out about then, by Neill Cameron ... it's looking fabulous!!!

Exciting, I can't wait to see Vern and Lettuce running around in a book! John Aggs was plugging for Neill's robots and Vern and Lettuce to meet at some point, or make Vern and Lettuce robotic... (We'll have to talk, Neill.)