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home-grown lovin'

I quite like how this one came out! A bit minimalist. I penciled it while I was having my morning coffee at this great little garden cafe run by French ladies, called La Fleur. There were big, fat, ripe strawberries on the bush right next to my table and I was willing myself not to steal one, but the nice owner saw I was swooming with the effort of restraint and let me pick one.

Then I inked it on my break. Which is probably not what one is supposed to do on a break, it's probably healthire to stretch or go for a walk or something.

Hey, the original of this looks clean and nice, want to buy it? £40 + £5 registered mail postage via Paypal for people in the UK, £6.50 postage for Europe and £9 for anywhere else. Drop me a line at sarah at jabberworks dot co dot uk. (Artwork size is 28 x 17cm, ink on cartridge paper.)

brushy brush

I still can't get my head around why this funny person I live with acts so finicky about the messes I make, but can't brush his teeth without merrily leaving the mirror coated in spray. I tried to show him this technique in which one holds one's lips securely around the brush and moves it around without opening one's mouth, but I think he revels in this singular glorious moment of domestic flamboyance.

I was just friended by bsabo and discovered the amazing comics and illustration work on her website, have a look! You can read two mini comics in full online (I love the storytelling in The Shortcut), and see first chapters of two books. I really want to read more of her comic Bad Lands.

tozocomic is introducing us to the second little mecha-golem in his ongoing Tozo webcomic. I think Klikker's fab (see my fan art), and I think I'm going to like this Tikker, too!

And ellenlindner referred me to this great New York Times article about the classless classiness of the Obamas on their recent visit to Britain. (Thanks, Ellen!)

how i make comics

Anita at London's Cartoon Museum asked me to do an info sheet for their school packets, to go along with the Vern and Lettuce pieces they have in their collection (pencil sketch, line work and digital final print).

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Anita made me laugh when she explained some of my qualifications:

It just seemed such an opportunity given that we have the page at different stages .... plus.. you are young, female and very much alive a rare combination which doesn't recur in any of the other featured artists.

I told her that I will be sure to put the fact I not dead on my next CV. But it made me think of all sorts of comics I could make about workshops led by dead comic creators. They'd be real stinky, for a start. I bet Heath Robinson would've created some amazing things with his grave cloth and coffin nails.

that's one crazy monday

Here's a comic I made about the day I found out the DFC went under. It started out as one of those days in London where everything's just a bit magic. And the DFC is a bit magic, too. Did you see Gary Northfield's strip and cover in today's issue? So fab.

I'm almost done with my second UK picture book, just the covers due on Tuesday. So I haven't had much free time, but I've been picking away at this comic since last week, keeping it almost to stick figures.

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Don't forget, Vern and Lettuce is still running in the Guardian Saturday Comic, in the Family section! It's episode four, and I've had more comments from kids about that particular strip than about any of the others.

dear david lasky,

After dinner last night, I decided to sit down and make a comic from start to finish, even if it turned out a little messy. I based it on the letter I wrote to remarkable Seattle comics artist dlasky, but added a few extra bits. I hadn't known what to put in my letter to him, but I realised the writing paper itself had a back story, so that's what I wrote about. I going to try to print this up as a mini comic to sell at London's Alternative Press Fair on Sunday, 1 Feb, near Euston station.

And good news! Yesterday I sent in the last of my artwork for my first UK picture book! It's published by David Fickling (who publishes the DFC) and written by Giles Andreae. More news about that later! Now I am working like a maniac on a book I am doing for Scholastic UK, also very exciting.

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pub scribbling

I see that ryclaude has posted a comic I made for him last night. I didn't drink a lot of Sharp's Doom Bar, but just enough to keep me from drawing with any sort of clear exactitude. One of those comics you kind of regret in the morning, but no, je ne regret rien. Claude, I shall try to make you a proper cake some day, or at least draw you a proper cake.

Yesterday Cliodhna (ztoical) and Will (chamonkee) were in town, so a bunch of us met up in the evening. A few of us, including Stuart, Will, ellenlindner, Stephen Betts (of Comix Influx) and tozocomic, started in the Lord Clyde , a beautiful old pub in one of the little Dickensian streets behind London Bridge station. The pub was so atmospheric that it included doors with heavy velvet drapes that we had to push through on entry, a cheery fire, and loudly singing old men in flat caps. Too funny.

Will and I went on to meet Cliodhna up in Kilburn at another pub with remarkably ornate Victorian decor, The Black Lion. (You can see a bit of the ceiling in this blurry photo):

And I finally met harveyjames for the first time, now he's back in London after teaching at a school on Love Island in South Korea. We really, really hated each other, as you can see. So much that we drew lots of pictures for each other. The one I drew of him was particularly bad, but he hasn't posted it, so I'm safe so far.

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