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the legend of kevin: publication day!

Hooray, our new Reeve & McIntyre book, The Legend of Kevin, officially comes out TODAY! I thought I'd show you a little bit of what happened behind the scenes while making this book.

Kevin changed shape quite a few times while Philip and I drew him. Here's Philip's 1988 driftwood painting that first inspired the character, and he was quite rectangular:

Then Kevin went as round as a balloon. Here was my vision of Dartmoor teeming with flying ponies:

And then Kevin went more bean-shaped. Here's a character design sheet I had pinned up on the wall in front of me while I was working on the book. Kevin looks quite small here in comparison to Max, I think our flying pony's slightly larger in the book:

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westbury white kevin

Today artist and animator Jonny Duddle sent Reeve & McIntyre on a day trip to visit the legendary Westbury White Kevin, an ancient chalk drawing, dated by some archeologists circa 2018 AD. Look, you can just about spot us in the photo!

I should add that artist Jane Molineaux Boon also sent a postcard from the same location several years ago. Here it is, pinned to my studio bulletin board!

the legend of kevin!

Our brand-new sparkly Reeve & McIntyre Roly-Poly Flying Pony book, The Legend of Kevin, officially comes out on Thursday, but has already been spotted flying into shops around the country! Have YOU spotted Kevin?

Sparkly photo by Alison Diamond/@ADSaxist from Twitter

Philip's written a great blog post about Kevin and his origins - go read it right here! :)

vern and lettuce are back and bog-eyed!

Exciting news! Awhile ago, my ol' studio mate Gary Northfield set up a new publishing house for children's comics, Bog Eyed Books, and my Vern & Lettuce comic book has just come out with them. Hurrah!

You may have wondered what happened to this book, and it's a slightly complicated story! When I first drew the Vern & Lettuce comic strips, they were printed in the weekly DFC comic, published by David Fickling Books, which was then still an imprint of Random House. David Fickling split off to form his own independent publishing house, and then that further subdivided into The Phoenix Comic. David Fickling managed to work it so I could use the Vern and Lettuce characters in my recently published picture book with him, The New Neighbours. BUT... Random House (now Penguin Random House) still owned the rights to my comic book. Finally I got the rights back, so a fresh edition could come out with Bog Eyed Books, a publisher who focus on comics and have a real love for them. Thank you, Bog Eyed Books!

Here are Gary and Nicky Evans of Bog Eyed Books, with comics creator Tor Freeman and some of the team who ran the recent Bog Eyed Books Festival in Abbey Wood:

I'm very glad Vern & Lettuce are back, and I'm hoping they'll get snapped up by:

* A whole new generation of young comics readers (say, age 5+?)

* People of all ages who loved reading The New Neighbours picture book and want to find out more about the animal world of Pickle Rye

* People who loved the original comic, loaned it out, never got it back, and now realise they miss it!

* People who loved reading it the first time and want to give it to someone else as a gift. It's a nice child-friendly A5 size, with a cover featuring escalators in an alternative-universe London Underground.

* People who want a souvenir of London, but with an fun animal twist to it - Bunnies! Sheep! Yaks! Polar Bears!

Hopefully you'll find it in all good comic shops, and online you can buy it from the Bog Eyed Books shop(coming soon) and reliable indie bookshop Page 45 in Nottingham (who ship internationally!). (And Waterstones, Amazon, etc.) And if you're a shop looking to stock, distributor include Gardners Books and Turnaround services.

You can follow Bog Eyed Books on Twitter at @BogEyedBooks and here are some other lovely comic books in their catalogue!

Before you go, here are a few peeks inside Vern & Lettuce:

roly-poly flying pony birthday!

Yesterday was full of some terrific drawings! It was my birthday, and everyone says horses are hard to draw, but I was curious to see how hard it would be for people to draw roly-poly flying ponies. And they drew them with great flair! Here's an Underwater Kevin, tweeted by @vee_jay:

I put out this tweet, hoping people wouldn't think I was being too cheeky. Recently Philip Reeve and I have really enjoyed drawing Kevin, so I thought other people might, too.

Here's an excellent response from Philip, my fabulous co-author, featuring 'a rare Athenian black figure roly poly flying pony':

I was totally gobsmacked by this Kevin airship by @ianmcque, who recently worked with Philip to illustrate the new Mortal Engines book, Night Flights:

And this Dalek-themed pony was drawn by an actual Dalek! @NicholasPegg is one of the actors who actually sit inside the Daleks:

Not one, but TWO DALEKS! @BarnabyEdwards is another bona fide Dalek:

Thanks SO much to everyone who drew a picture!! It was so much fun seeing all the techniques and quirks and variations. Have a browse through the fantastic roly-poly flying pony gallery:

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