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spooky storytime!

Looking for a bed-time read? Presenting JAMPIRES, the picture book co-written and co-illustrated by David O'Connell and me. Find lots of fun activities at jampires.com, and you can buy the book from reputable indie bookseller Page 45 here.


Kevin was on telly! Swirling and swooping about the tors, as he does.

And here are his creators, trying to appear as much like Legends as possible, and looking out for their roly-poly friend.

Photo by Stuart Pyle

Ah, there's Kevin, nestled among Bonehill Rocks.

Plushie Kevin created by Chloe Applin

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portrait doodle #inktober

I think this may subconsciously be my little sister.

figuring out the giraffe

I have one more event blog to write, but I'm back at my desk. I've been away for a long time doing events, it feels a bit strange. I had to start with a morning warmup sketch in the local cafe.

donegal libraries tour 2018

This month has been a real whirlwind! Reeve & McIntyre went from Tuttestorie Festival in Sardinia to County Donegal in Ireland for a Wainfest library tour. Fortunately, just like the new TARDIS, Philip Reeve is built with an automatic custard cream biscuit dispenser, so Kevin and I were sustained on the journey.

ballyshannon flipchart poster

And we needed it, for just as our roly-poly flying pony in The Legend of Kevin was blown into the town of Bumbleford on a magical storm, Reeve & McIntyre were blown across magical Donegal on the winds of Storm Callum.

Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

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