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world book day 2019 costume roundup!

If you follow this blog, you'll know I really do like dressing up. And on World Book Day, often I'm surrounded by a sea of identical costumes bought off the rack at a supermarket. But it's those rare moments I love, when I spot a completely original version of a character from books I've worked on. Here are a few from today that made me very happy! Starting with the first appearance of Kevin, the Roly-Poly Flying Pony:

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Here's the latest #PortraitChallenge over at @StudioTeaBreak on Twitter. Here's the original photo, on Wikipedia, but an unknown photographer. Maud Wagner was a circus performer and the first known woman tattoo artist in America.

The tattoos are as fun to draw as Maud.

Check out other people's drawings, there are some great and varied interpretations over there, including one drawn (appropriately) on someone's arm! Here are a few; click on the pictures to go to the original posts.

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auction for tommy

Hi there, our children's book colleague, writer Tommy Donbavand is in a bad way with cancer, with weeks or months to live, and we're trying to help him and his family stay afloat. You can read his blog here - he keeps an amazing sense of humour through what is a horrific experience. Philip Reeve has blogged about it here:

Trying to raise money for him, we have several things on offer that might pique your interest. Be in our Reeve & McIntyre book, for starters! With Kevin the Roly-Poly Flying Pony pooping on your head. Yes, you heard me right.

Perhaps a more traditional offering from Philip Reeve here, but also valuable:

And our Reeve & McIntyre publisher, Liz Cross (who also discovered the Mortal Engines books when she worked for Scholastic), is offering a rare opportunity if you've been trying to get a children's book published:


You can discover more offers here. Big thanks to Tommy's awesome writer friends Barry Hutchinson and John Dougherty for setting this up!
Some Seawigs-themed treasures have been popping up on the Internet! Check out these cheeky rascals from St Peter's Droitwich CofE Academy in Worcestershire:

Oh, and my studio had some visitors today! A big wave to Scott Bakal and his illustration and graphic design students from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. I didn't think 18 people would fit into the place, but they did, and we had a good time talking shop.

More Seawigs joy, this time from Sunnybank Primary in Bury:

Here's the reference in the book, where Oliver's explorer mother and father are taking photos of the Night of the Seawigs:

Drawing these 'photos' or memories is a great idea! Here's a selection of their pictures:

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Do you recognise this picture book? The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler has sold millions and millions of copies and is a national treasure. So much so, that the Royal Mint has worked with its artist, Scheffler, to create a coin with his picture of the Gruffalo on it. It's wonderful to see a book, its central character and its creators being celebrated this way!

But when I heard about this a month or so ago, I worried that only Julia Donaldson was going to be credited for The Gruffalo. This morning, I saw a tweet from writer/author Philip Ardagh with these two images attached, of an article from the i Newspaper and his response letter:

My immediate thought was that this anonymous journalist may have been working at great speed and took the information straight off a Royal Mint press release that didn't credit Scheffler.

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